• For our Commercial clients, an Integrated Pest Management agreement may be the better choice for you and your premises rather than a one-off treatment.
  • This may be because you have a returning pest infestation, you want to be pro-active rather than re-active, or you are food premises and need to comply with the law. Integrated Pest Management agreements can work out being cost effective for you and your business, along with on-going recommendations and identifying early signs of returning activity from pests before the infestation increases.
  • Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 state that any premises connected to food must employ adequate control measures to ensure they do not have pests. Surveys are offered to all of our commercial clients, to provide a detailed report, risk assessment, detailed treatment plan and a quotation for the work to be carried out. Our highly experienced and highly trained technicians are on hand to carry out urgent call outs as part of the agreement. The technician will be working with you to try and ensure you do not get a re-infestation of pests. The technicians will provide on going recommendations as they go through the treatments on site. As time goes on, pest can find different ways into buildings, situations can change of which the technician will be on hand to identify these issues.
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