Although most people find birds attractive and pleasant, they can present serious problems when not controlled.

Bird droppings are particularly unpleasant, being infested with disease-causing organisms and creating a slip hazard. In addition, the droppings are unsightly and can cause serious structural damage to buildings. Nesting materials and feathers often contain many insects, which can lead to secondary infestations of properties. Birds’ cooing and screening cries, such as those of the Seagull, cause major unrest in both inland urban areas and seaside towns. In addition, birds such as Sparrows, Starlings and Pigeons can causes economic losses to food-related businesses by fouling and eating the food products being made or stored. (Starlings and Sparrows were removed from the general license in 2005)


The most common birds in cities such, as London is the Feral Pigeon. Pigeons carry more diseases to man than rats, from their fouling and nesting. (Salmonellosis, Psittacosis and Eseherichia Coli (E-Coli)

Pigeons are also one of the main reasons behind biting insects in offices, homes and other commercial premises. (Bird Mite are commonly found associated with Pigeon nests) Pigeons are know as homing birds, which means they will return to where they was born.


There are different species of Gulls which some are protected. Gulls can live as long at 25 years. Gulls can be quite aggressive for food, as seen in places such as Brighton swarming people for food out of their hands. This can be quite intimidating to people, which can scare people from visiting places. Gulls are scavengers and will feed from anywhere possible for food.

Other Birds:

We can control and prevention to other species of birds, strict legislations must be complied with. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and obtain General Licenses to control or prevent other bird species.

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